Migration in the Election

  1. Briefing
    6 May 2015
    The idea that the UK is a particularly attractive destination for migrants is a regular theme of media and policy debates. This briefing looks at levels of migration to the UK, how the UK compares to...
  2. Briefing
    6 May 2015
    Discussions of the numbers, characteristics and impacts of migration often focus on the UK as a whole. However, migration patterns differ substantially by local area. This briefing discusses evidence...
  3. Briefing
    5 May 2015
    Welfare benefits have become an ongoing theme in the UK immigration debate, particularly with regard to EU migration. Rules on non-UK citizens’ access to various forms of social assistance are...
  4. Briefing
    16 Apr 2015
    The removal of foreign nationals who are not authorised to live in the UK or have violated the terms of their leave to remain is an ongoing theme in the immigration debate. This briefing looks at...
  5. Briefing
    16 Apr 2015
    This briefing examines how migrants affect public finances in the UK. It looks at what past studies have found, why it is difficult to establish a definitive estimate of migrants’ fiscal...

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