Census Map: UK-born residents in other EU countries 2011

This map depicts the UK-born population in other EU member countries, based on individual country 2011 census data. (Please note that data for Belgium, Croatia and the Netherlands are not available.) In particular, the map shows the number of people born in the UK resident in each EU country at the time of the 2011 census.

Lighter shades of blue denote countries with smaller UK-born numbers, whereas the darker shades highlight countries with larger UK-born populations. The map can be zoomed in by using the menu in the top left corner, and filtered by the slider in the top right corner in order to only show countries within a certain range. Hovering over or clicking on a country will also show the percentage of the local population made up by UK-born residents and the share that UK-born residents make up of the total foreign-born population in each country.

UK-born residents in other EU countries

In 2011, there were more than 1 million people born in the UK resident in the EU. In particular, there were 1.1 million UK-born residents in the 25 countries for which data are available. This represents 0.2% of the total population of those countries, as well as 2.2% of the foreign-born population in those countries added together.

The EU country with the largest UK-born population in 2011 was Spain (296,000 UK born residents), followed by Ireland (287,000 UK-born residents). In terms of the share of the population, this was highest in Ireland, with the UK-born population accounting for 6.3% of the total population of the Republic of Ireland. This was followed by Cyprus, with 3.8% of its population born in the UK. When looking at the UK-born population as a percentage of the total foreign-born population in each country, Ireland again comes out at the top, with the UK-born population making up 37.5% of Ireland's foreign-born residents. This is followed by Malta, with 29.9% of its foreign-born residents born in the UK.