Migration in the News interactive chart

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This page allows you to create your own chart of words related to asylum seekers, immigrants, migrants, and refugees in the University of Oxford Migration News Corpus. Use the tools along the right-hand side of the chart to make your selections. From top to bottom, you may:

  1. tick which type or types of newspapers to include from the database
  2. select one target word, for which you will see related words from the corpus
  3. tick the type or types of related word you wish to see: all consistent 'collocates' (as defined in the report) or only L1 collocates (words that appear immediately before the target word)
  4. use the slider to determine how frequently a collocate must appear (per 1000 articles in the corpus) in order to appear in your chart (to eliminate low-frequency words, move the left-hand slider to the right).

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